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Bodegas Abadía San Quirce owns 21 hectares of vineyard of the Tinta Fina variety, located in Aranda de Duero and La Aguilera. We also control 80 hectares of the same variety in different plots located in Gumiel de Izan and La Aguilera. From all these plots, We get the grapes to produce our wines. That allows us to control the vineyard during all its cycle, and know the quality of the grape each moment, and its optimal ripeness moment, before entering into the winery.

We grow bush vines, as they used to do in this Region. The age of the vines goes from 15 years from the youngest, to 100 years, for the oldest (planted in 1.900, before the philoxera came) As being a very old vineyard, is located in small plots, with different types of soil (sandy, limestone, clay). This allows us to get grapes very different, although being of the same type, because of the character that gives this particular soil.

The density of plantation is 1.500-2.500 plants per hectare. The yields are 2.000 – 4.000 kg. per hectare. Even 1.000 kg for the oldest vines, which means 2 or 3 bunches per vine.

All the pruning and collection is made by hand. So, during the harvest in the vineyard We do an important selection of the grape that will enter into the winery.

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